Our brands

Azurite is already over 20 years old !
Azurite is the ideal knitting yarn for all your knitting! And it's the knitters who say so.
Easy to knit and 100% acrylic, Azurite knitting yarn has a luminous finish and a silky feel.
Add a range of colors updated every year, and an exceptional outfit at work and you get the knitting yarn at the best quality/price ratio.
Suitable for needles n°3 to 4, it will delight beginners who want to discover knitting as well as experienced knitters.
Azurite balls are Oeko-Tex certified.
Beads Neez
Registered in 2006 by Distrifil, the Beads Neez brand is aimed at bead lovers.
We have over 300 beads for all your sewing and crafting needs, E beads, sequins,
from sequins to glass lamps, shell mixes and seed beads.
Ideal for beginners in jewelry making.
They have different finishes and can be matte, opaque, transparent, iridescent, metallic, pearly...
Beads Neez is also an assortment of accessories and tools necessary for the practice of beads.
Boutique Style
Boutique Style was created for the French market for Distrifil. Made in Germany by the manufacturer Dill located in Bavaria.
Fully utilizing their expertise in all stages of button production and design.
Whether mixing or dyeing raw materials, designing molds and tools or preparing high quality products for retailers.

As a partner of fabric, knitting, haberdashery and craft stores, Boutique Style's goal is to provide our customers with high quality, innovative and fashionable buttons.
Broderie Loisirs
Broderie Loisirs born with the same desire as Couture Loisirs.
Offer in embroidery, as in sewing, a balanced and inexpensive assortment.
Bringing together several collections, canvases, cross-stitch kits, special kits for children.
Care & Create
Care & Create / Maintain & Create or Care & Transform

Founded in 2018, the brand is available in 7 universes :
  • Care & Create Creation: for budding designers, beginner seamstresses and DIY enthusiasts of all kinds
  • Care & create Customization: for creators... who are very beginners, since it is a question of transforming by personalizing: Badges, thermo-adhesive patterns, buttons...
  • Care & Create Maintenance: if I speak of washing brush, lint razor. Something to take care of your favorite clothes.
  • Care & create Sewing thread: Collection of sewing thread cones
  • Care & create Creative hobbies: Whether in the form of canvas kits, doilies or embroidery linen, everything you need for needlework.
  • Care & create Storage: You will certainly find storage boxes, but also trendy bags for which we are the custodians of the patterns.
  • Care & create Repair: Need a knee brace for your toddler, to replace the ribbing of your favorite jacket to give it a second life ?
With the Care & Create collection, your only limit will be your imagination.
Celebrate - boutique
Celebrate : Ribbon specialist
Ribbons for every occasion. With a wide range of beautiful ribbons, you're sure to find the perfect ribbon for all your sewing, crafting, decorating and wrapping needs. Available by the reel.
Ideal for all your creations of creative hobbies, decoration, customization, and scrapbooking. Whether you are looking for a satin, grosgrain, lace, fancy, plain or printed ribbon.
With Celebrate you are sure to find the ribbon for all your needs.
Célia's constitue un ticket d'entrée dans le monde de la mercerie.
Célia's permet à qui veut essayer la couture, de commencer sans se ruiner.
La collection regroupe tout le nécessaire pour avoir un assortiment équilibré d'articles de mercerie ET toujours bon marché.
Coats is the world's largest manufacturer of industrial yarns and a major player in the US textile craft market. Based in the United Kingdom, the company employs 19,000 people in more than 50 countries on six continents.
Talent and technology at the service of textiles
For more than 200 years, we have strived to apply our talent and technologies to our textiles to improve people's lives, whether it's sewing threads, sutures, fiber optic cables, of high-performance yarns used in aircraft, automobiles and safety equipment or yarns and accessories that inspire artisans around the world.
Couture Loisirs
Couture Loisirs is the first haberdashery brand created by Distrifil for the French market.
Wishing to provide localized information for technical products, and wishing to be an economical alternative to major premium brands.
Couture Loisirs offers you a wide choice of sewing accessories to accompany you in all your creative projects.
Whether you are looking for needles, pins, snaps, rubber bands or marking tools.
For two and a half centuries, generations of embroiderers have selected DMC threads to create a precious heritage. Entering its 4th century, DMC continues to be committed to its color range, superior quality and to you.
DMC threads are still created in Mulhouse. The DMC ® plant maintains the highest environmental standards and has its own water recycling operation.
Indeed, in 1994, DMC ® obtained the international ISO 9002 certificate for manufacturing excellence, and the Oeko-Tex 100 Certification for its high environmental standards.
DMC has maintained the same quality standards as when it started in 1746.
The quality of DMC products and its range of colors has stood the test of time. DMC threads and your creations represent 250 years of tradition and an eternity of memories.
Fiskars was founded in 1649 and today is proud to be recognized as one of the oldest companies in the western world.
1967 : Fiskars produces the world's first plastic ring scissors.
In 55 years, over a billion orange ring scissors have been sold since their creation, with their recognizable design making them irreplaceable around the world.
Innovation at the service of cutting !
Even a company that can look back on centuries of tradition once started small. Our success story began over 150 years ago as a small silk mill. Today, we are a broad-based, globally active textile group. Our goal both then and now: the perfect seam !
Trends come and go. Our products remain. We have always grown with the requirements of our customers and always align our sewing threads with customer benefits. Our products are as versatile as our target groups. For all situations and needs – for consumer, industry and automotive.
Haute Couture
From leather reviver to Haute Couture textile dye, the Lightning house has established itself in 60 years as the brand of experts in beautiful materials and colors.
Our new colors inspired by catwalks and interior design trends are emerging in 2018. Soft and pastel colors in pop and vibrant shades that will give pep to your outfits and your interiors. Haute Couture has established itself as the French brand of textile dyeing with a wide variety of colors and a long hold for professionals and the general public.
ISPE is based in Padua and has been operating for more than thirty years in the textile sector of knitting yarns and haberdashery.
The selection and research of new materials, the taste for color, high quality standards are some of the prerogatives that have always dictated the company's productions.
The Laser brand was created by Distrifil after the takeover of the Lyon-based company SFE.
While yarn manufacturing is now outsourced, the reconditioning operations are still the responsibility of the Lyonnaise team.
First available in 100% polyester ranges (most uses) and then in cotton, Laser also produces more technical or specific yarns, such as super-resistant or corded.
Laser thread is ideal for all hand and machine sewing.
The Mettler brand was founded in 1883 and has been part of the globally operating AMANN Group for more than 30 years. The Group has been shaping the future of thread for more than 160 years. Teamwork is the key to our success: More than 2,500 employees in over 100 countries worldwide ensure every day that sewing thread and customer come together.
AMANN manufactures exclusively in its own production facilities in Europe and Asia. Short distances are crucial: This makes us flexible, efficient as well as sustainable. Mettler threads for the end consumer are produced locally in Germany and Czech Republic. The high demands in the industrial business also apply to the threads under the Mettler brand.
Hobby gift
Classic sewing and hobby storage solutions with a modern feel : Sewing and craft storage boxes, made with care and attention to detail. Covered in a variety of beautiful printed fabrics and available in multiple sizes, suitable for all your stirage needs.
Hobby Gift is also a premium quality sewing machine bags, featuring a lightweight but firm internal foam padding, a full length zipper for easy access and a flat storage pocket. Choose your favorite between plain and patterned styles.
Knitting storage : Choose from a range of knitting storage such as knitting pin cases and bags, available in beautiful, bold prints. Knit sews are great for workspace and desk organisation, keeping large items neat and tidy.
Crochet storage : Keep your crochet needles and accessories organised and secure with project bags and hard case storage options to suit your needs.
Craft and hobby storage bags, feature multiple internal and external pockets making them great for storing craft projects and class essentials. Includes a range of shoulder bags with drawstring closures and tote bags.
Passion rubans
Passion Rubans not only identifies a French brand of ribbons, elastics, bias binding and lace, but it is above all a team of enthusiasts who seek to provide its customers with solutions adapted to their needs.
This dynamic team defines its collections and has them produced by companies in France or abroad, depending on the skills required.
Then the products are integrated into a concept, adaptable from the smallest to the largest point of sale and thanks to our large stocks allow us to deliver to you as soon as possible.
We are a leading supplier of creative sewing, quilting, and needlework products to retailers in the world. We have a reputation for producing beautifully designed and well-made products of the highest quality.
Prym’s innovative, ergonomic knitting and crocheting tools and supplies are a must-have in your product selection. Designed for all levels of experience, knitters and makers worldwide choose Prym.
For 40 years, RG has been the zipper specialist. Established in Berry in Villedieu sur Indre since its takeover by Distrifil.
RG offers you a whole collection of zippers, in a wide choice of colors and sizes.
Whether you are looking for a spiral mesh, an injected or metal mesh, whether separable or non-separable, single slider or double slider.
RG is the brand for you.
Sew-Easy is an international haberdashery and patchwork brand.
Translating to Couture Facile, the ambition of Sew-Easy is to democratize "needlework" by making it accessible... and easy.
With what means ?
  • Localization first, all products are translated into 10 languages.
  • The explanations then accompanied by sketches and drawings, reassure a clientele eager for examples.
  • Finally, tutorial videos, accessible via QR-code, as soon as the product justifies it, complete the desire for support inherent in the creative leisure markets.
SINGER 170 years of creation and always in tune with the times
Since 1851, the Singer name has been synonymous with couture. This is the story of a brand of sewing machines that quickly became essential to a large number of homes in France and around the world.
A success of yesterday and tomorrow, the spirit of practical design and creative innovation have characterized the company since its inception and continues to develop products suitable for every level of sewing and style of seamstress.
Singer offers the machine that meets everyone's desires and needs...
Know-how - Satisfaction - Service - Sincerity : a requirement declined in four « S » to finally make only one, that of SINGER !
Schachenmayr: knitting yarns, balls of wool
The Schachenmayr brand is characterized by a long and successful history. Its first yarns were made in 1817 at a riverside spinning mill near Salach, Germany, but continues to pioneer by developing innovative products. Today, the Schachenmayr brand is one of the leading producers and suppliers of knitting yarns. Held in high regard by knitters around the world, the Schachenmayr brand is synonymous with quality, design and a celebration of the practice of knitting.
Expertise fosters the imagination. And this sums up the corporate philosophy of Stanger. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.
As we believe in the quality of German-made products, we will continue to deliver the same high quality and service standards as ever.
Because whatever the future may have in store, one thing is for sure: that success only awaits those who don‘t lose sight of what started off as their core strengths.
Brand created by Distrifil in 2012, UNIC gathers collections of customization elements.
Embroidered patches, prints or iron-on canvas with patterns, all the elements of fashion customisation that make you a UNIQUE personality.
Anchor is a premium quality, fashion-inspired crafts brand that inspires people to express their unique style.
Here at Anchor we believe that whatever your skill level or whatever you want to make if you can imagine it you should be able to create it with Anchor!
That's why we work with hundreds of designers around the world to bring you the most inspirational designs, both traditional and cutting edge.
We also produce the highest quality threads and the widest colour ranges allowing you to pick, choose and experience the joy of creating.
Whether on your own or with others, making something unique for yourself or for your loved ones, Anchor supports you through every step of your creative journey.
In 1987, while working in their sewing wholesale business in Sydney, Australia, the Castley family had a great idea, and decided to develop their own brand of haberdashery and sewing notions. They gave it the catchy name of Hemline and launched to the Australian market.
This small range quickly became very popular, because it had top quality products.
Their new Hong Kong factory now employs over 100 people !
Saint Pierre
Laine Saint-Pierre is a brand of darning wool that belonged to the Monnier-Montange establishments, a Lyon-based company founded at the beginning of the 20th century.
It was bought in 1971 by Vrau, Lille, which also owns the Fil Au Chinois sewing thread brand. Laine Saint-Pierre and Fil Au Chinois were taken over in 2007 by Ets Toulemonde.
Throughout its history, Laine Saint-Pierre has had many presentations.
It was notably sold on large cards that the haberdashers could separate on demand.
Laine Saint-Pierre was a tremendous success. Laine Saint-Pierre is available in 96 colors and presented on 10-meter cards sold individually.
Children's glue specialist

Born in 1930, Cleopatra very quickly established itself as the specialist in glues for children. Number 1 in schools*, we develop "made in France" products, a real guarantee of quality.
Unforgettable with their delicious almond smell, our glues are now developed with teachers and tested by children in pilot classes. They thus perfectly meet the needs of each age.
*in tonnage of glue
Madeira, is one of the world's leading line manufacturers and your partner for quality stabilizers, accessories and lines. Rooted in a century-old company history, we produce and distribute renowned products, optimized for production on multi-needle embroidery machines. Appreciated by many brands and many professional embroiderers.
When Toshio Okada, the founder of Clover Mfg. Co., Ltd., started to work for a needle wholesaler in Osaka at the age of 14, his mentor gave him a textbook on moral philosophy.
As a bookmark for this book, Toshio used a clover leaf grown in his hometown. In 1925, he opened his own shop, and soon after World War II, began manufacturing products on a full scale to provide consumers with needles and sewing tools.
That was when he decided to use the design of the clover leaf—sandwiched between the pages of a book he had when he left home—as a mark to assure product quality.
Although needles are small items, they are essential to people’s daily life, just like water and salt.
The Clover Mark continues to represent the founder’s philosophy of assuring quality and taking responsibility for even the smallest products the company offers.
KnitPro is a family owned enterprise that manufactures superior quality needlecraft tools and accessories.
Our company employs and supports 1,700+ workers. We are located in Jaipur, India, in an eco-compliant factory and campus.
Our respect and commitment for our employees and their welfare is equaled by our pride in the quality of our products.
The quality of our products is our #1 priority. That emphasis has made us one of the most popular and leading knitting needle and accessory manufacturer in the international needlework marketplace.

To provide our customers with superior needlecraft products.
To maintain a high standard of excellence for all our products.
To provide our employees with on-job training and education.
To honor our community of workers by providing them with fair wage employment.
To protect our environment as well as the land upon which we work.
At Oliso, we believe in the human-centered design process.
Our San-Francisco based team of inventors, engineers and researchers know that great ideas are best inspired by listening to people.
From this process we are able to design products that simplify everyday life and address users’ needs.
Our goal is to marry aesthetics and function to create ergonomically optimized products that disrupt stagnant industries dominated by the same few companies.
See how our products can change your home and lifestyle for the better.