Privacy policy

Our website does not use any cookies for commercial purposes, in the sense that no information about you is recorded or used without your knowledge.

No banking information will be requested and no sensitive information passes through the site.

Our site does not use any advertising or content personalization cookies.

Operation of our site

The only information kept in the form of cookies concerns the display on the site (choice of language and display/hiding of prices) in order to guarantee you the best possible experience on our site.

Management of your personal data

Our site does not store, use or require any personal data.
All the personal data concerning you were collected when you registered as a customer with our accounting department, or with a sales agent.
If your registration is validated, your access to the site and your price is possible, by means of a unique identifier and a password.
Because our site does not use any sensitive information, all banking information remains protected because it is inaccessible.

Managing your browser cookies

Your browser also proceeds in its operation to the collection of personal data using cookies.
For example, it may remember the username and password you use on our site.

If you wish to set your consent preferences for cookies in your browser, depending on the browser used, you can find more information at the following links :